Undiscovered Meghalaya

Meghalaya, a Northeast state of India is land of numerous tourist destinations; it is a word of Sanskrit, which signifies ‘Home of Clouds’, because it is the place where heavy rain fall is observed. Shillong, a hill station and the capital of the state, is called ‘Scotland of the East’ and Shillong Peak, known as ‘Abode of Gods’, is the highest peak of state. Around one-third part of it is forest, which is well known for plants, birds, and different kinds of mammals. Khasi is a language spoken widely across Meghalaya besides Garo while English is spoken as a common language to communicate with strangers. Around 70% of population of the state is Christian.

As this state has some of densest forests in the country, so you find here 2 National Parks besides 3 wildlife sanctuaries. You may enjoy here adventure of mountaineering, trekking and hiking, and rock climbing. You can enjoy water sports like sail boat, rowboats, cruise boats, water scooter, speed boats, and paddle boat as well. Meghalaya has sufficient tourist places to draw attention of tourists. Meghalaya comprises around 500 natural caves of limestone and sandstone; you can see longest and deepest caves of sub-continental here as well.

Some Major Attractions of Meghalaya
Mawsmai Cave – Mawsmai Cave is one of the main attractions of Meghalaya and this Cave is also known as Krem Phyllut. Mawsmai village is the entrance of this cave, anyone who wants to visit this cave may enter through paying affordable fee. The cave is open for visitors from 9 AM to 4.30 PM. This cave has big halls like amphitheater, which illuminate and reflects various crystal colors when any kind of light is used in it.
Jaintia Hill – Jaintia Hill, home of different tourist destinations of Meghalaya, is a mother country of Jaintia tribes and home of many caves and caverns; these caves are popularly known as Syndai caves. Visiting this hill fills visitors with joyous feeling.
Naphak Lake – If you have liking for watching birds and fishing, Naphak Lake is right place for you as this lake located near Williamnagar, a tourist destination. This natutal lake came in existence because of massive earthquake and it, according to myth, was ever considered a land dead spirits.
Tura Peak – Tura Peak is also one of the major attractions of Meghalaya as this lake is one of main peaks of Tura Range. Here on this peak, you find a tourist bungalow and Chinchona Plantation. The most attractive thing of this Tura Peak is that you have fantastic view of Bangladesh and Brahmaputra valley.
Meghalaya is a state of which each and every corner positively attracts to its visitors whether it is its cultural, lifestyle, folk dance or festivals; everything leaves everlasting impression on your heart.