Best Places to Visit in Kargil and Zanskar

Kargil is located 204 km away from Srinagar along the Srinagar Leh highway. It is the converging junction of roads to Zanskar and Skardu. This flourishing town lying on the ancient trade routes between Central Asia, China and India is the second largest town in Ladakh. It became quite famous after its opening for foreign tourists in 1974.

Pashkum is a brilliant tourist attraction in Kargil, located about 15 km from Kargil along the Leh road. The charm of this historical village with amazing ruins of castles on hillocks is alluring for history lovers.

Mulbek is a small Buddhist village people like to visit while touring in Kargil. It consists of a Mulbek Chamba – a nine meter tall rock sculpture of ‘Maitreya’- the future Buddha and a Buddhist monastery adorned with lovely wall painting and statues. A mosque and a dilapidated fort also are located in Mulbek.

Shargole is another scenic village located near Kargil with a populace consists of mainly Buddists and Muslims. Shargole has a small monastery with charming interior wall paintings, perched on cliff offering a dazzling view. Fokar Urgiyan Rzong is place just 8 km further up from Shargole famous for the cave monastery Urgiyan Rzong. Rgyal akha is a nearby village people like to visit to enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

Zanskar belongs to the least explored destinations in India, situated in the Ladakh region of Jammu-Kashmir. It is a perfect holiday destination to enjoy the dazzling view of the snow-capped Himalayan range adorned with sparkling blue rivers. The opportunity for trekking, paragliding, river rafting, etc., make it a popular location for adventure lovers. The normal buzz of the place is revolving around the large population of Tibetan Buddhists, monks and their monasteries.

The Drang-Drung Glacier of Zanskar is one of the largest glaciers of India and provides scenic views of the snow covered Himalayan mountain peaks. Being a winding river of ice, the Drang-Drung glacier is visible from Pensi La and the trekking experience from Padum to the glacier is the dream of an explorer. The rafting in the Zanskar River is a challenging expedition, but worth every penny. Camping near the lake is also possible for interested tourists.