Hot Haflong for Cool Traveler

Haflong, a place well known as a ‘Land of Blue Hills’ and ‘White Ant Hillock’, is single hill station of Assam, popularly known as ‘Switzer Land of East’; even though it is not as snow-capped as Switzer Land, it is one of the most charismatic places in India. Tourists stumble on an assortment of pleasant surprises while visiting this amazing land as it is blessed with picturesque features like Azure Blue Mountains, emerald green rivers, cascading waterfalls, and many mouthwatering orchards of Pineapples and Oranges besides orchids and singular kind of Birds.

This eye-catching place of India known for valleys, stunning landscape, and hills, is a town of Dima Hasao district of Assam, the head quarter of North Cachar Hills, and located at 512 meters’ altitude among rolling mountains nears Barak Valley. According to the aged inhabitants, it got its name from British because of its being half way from Kamrup whereas Halflong is also a prominent term of Dimasas’ clans and it is also believed that the name is derived from the name of the person of Dimasas’ clans named Hamlong.

Each part of India is occupied by diversity, so this little town of Assam is. It would be great thing for tourists to happen upon different types of people and their culture, dialect, custom here as it does house not only natural beauty but different types of tribes and races as well. One more thing about this little town is its female’s population, which is higher than the male’s.

Tourist Attractions –
Haflong comprises several worth seeing amazing sites for the reception of tourists. You find a lake resort here amidst the plentiful green hills. Ramchandhi, a big temple of 12th century is also here to attract you. A spring of hot water named Garampani also draws attention of tourists, as its water is well thought-out to be of remedial value. Janita is a good place for birds’ lovers for different kinds of migratory birds in a large number can be seen here in winter. For those who are fond of hotspots like Trekking, Para gliding, and hang gliding, they can visit hilly treks and green valley.

Weather –
In summer, you may find a little warm atmosphere but that will be pleasing, whereas winter remains cold, and In Monsoon, it is entertained by good rain. Like rest of India, winter (November to February) is the best time to visit here.

How to Reach –
Silchar, one of the biggest cities of Assam, is just at distance of 106 kilometer from Haflong and from Silchar, you can reach Haflong in aroung 2 hours. Haflong is near about 353 kilometers far from Guwahati by road and Guqahati is also linked by air and road. There is also railway station at lower Haflong for a slow ride to Silchar, Lumding, and Dharmanagar. Kolkata of West Bengal is nearest metro station.
So Go and explore Assam this time !!!