What Not to Miss in GOA!

Goa…Arguably one of the best holiday destination in India and  the internet is filled with blogs, articles and pics of this place all telling you the same thing ‘GO TO GOA!’ So what am I writing here that is different from all that? Well for starters let me warn you…my message is also the same as their’s “GO TO GOA!”

You have to go to Goa if you haven’t yet been there and if you have, well I don’t even need to tell you, you are gonna go there every year, may be you already do. But all that said most of these articles and blogs only highlight the cheap booze and party scenes in Goa and why as a youngster this is the place to be. The pics only show you pissed drunk party people or hot bods in bikinis(This one I don’t mind) but Goa is so much more than that and there is so much more to do there than getting drunk and partying.

So here I will try and make a list of things to do and places to go while you are in Goa. Try it out when you are there next time and lemme know about your experience.
While You are in North Goa:
This is the more happening half of Goa. You will find this place full of youngsters zooming on scootys and bikes, crowded roads, crowded beaches, expensive food and lots and lots of Shacks on the beaches. The Clubs are here, the pubs are here! the places your buddies told you to visit are here! So if you are going to Goa for 2-3 days trip, you are likely to spend your days here hopping beaches and shacks and ogling at hot bods( Goes for both guys and girls). So What shouldn’t you miss in north Goa:

1. Saturday Night Flea Market
I know I know you are thinking of all the things to do in Goa this Guy is asking us to go to a Flea market! But yes I am asking you to not miss the Saturday night flea market near Anjuna Beach! It is one of the best places to be at on a Saturday in Goa. You will see half of Goa going that side on Saturday. and its more happening than any of the shacks on the beaches.
Good Food, Great Music, Amazing Crowd. all in all a perfect way to spend your Saturday evening!

2. Harmal Beach
Not a lot of people know about this beach in Goa. Its an hour’s ride from Bagha beach, you will ask have to ask around for directions though as it is not very nicely promoted(a blessing in disguise). Upon reaching the beach you feel like its similar to most of the other beaches in Goa, may be just a tad bit cleaner. but that’s the front face of Harmal beach, start walking towards your right till the end of this beach where the shack rooms start and keep walking and go behind them that is where the real beauty of this place lies and Guys for you I will change this line a little bit: that is where the real ‘beauties’ of this place lie!
Nearly Untouched and so clean that you wont be able to keep yourself out of the water. and yeah while on your way out grab a shawarma! They make it amazing there!

3. The Dharma Bums
I first heard this band play at the Saturday night flea market at Anjuna and I fell in love with them.they are an absolute delight to hear. Very good music that lifts your mood and forces you smile. they keep playing in North Goa all the time. The lead vocalist has been in Goa since the Seventies. If you are in Goa you have to hear them play at least once. Chances are you will catch them playing in the flea market as they are regulars there.

While You are in South Goa:
The quieter and more beautiful part of Goa, very few clubs if any. ‘Serene’ is the word that defines this part of Goa, it’s for the peace lovers, who are going to Goa to unwind and relax on beautiful beach, for the ones who wanna spend their day just looking at the sea and admiring its beauty, for the ones who wanna see more nature, For the ones who wanna enjoy better food, for the one who wanna meet friendlier people(yes I am a little biased towards south Goa).

1. Agonda Beach
One of the most serene Beaches I have seen, but don’t take my word for it. Check the list of most beautiful Beaches in India and you will find it listed there. Limited crowd, No loud music, clean beach, calm waters, beach volleyball = Perfect(Guys, don’t worry there are hot bods here too). While you are there make sure you stay at FUSION Shack and check out their friday music night(Caution: Owner’s wife is very beautiful, try not hitting on her). Also check out a small dinner there named Cafe Something( Sorry! I forgot :P) it has the best and the cheapest food in all of south Goa.

2. Palolim Beach
This is a more commercial beach, a lot of shacks. Do not walk into them, if you have seen one you’ve seen’em all. Rather go for kayaking here. Its not very costly and worth every penny. Warning: it is tiring so carry a bottle of water with you in the kayak but it is a wonderful experience drifting in the open sea all alone. On the right hand side of the beach there is a creek like formation. make sure to go there Very shallow water and beautiful surrounding.

3. Go-Karting “We are in Goa and this guy is telling us to go Go-Karting, we can do it in anywhere” thinking this? well yes you can do go-karting anywhere, but not on this badass Circuit with literally no speed limits. Yes it is a little dangerous but its amazing fun. its on the way to south Goa so go try it out. its fun.

So this brings me to the end of this Article. Do try’em out and let me know your experience, also please let me know if you have any off beat suggestions for GOA in the comments section.

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