About Us

We, at ExpressEarth Encapsulate the end-to-end travel solution to get everything from the research you do on your travel to once you come back from your travel under one roof. But at the same time while catering to all our customers, we have engineered our services in a way to avoid Massification of services rather with advent of big data, we have focused on personalization where every customer will receive WHAT THEY WANT TO BUY, rather WHAT WE WANT TO SELL. Through our unique Search & Booking portal, our customer will reach their destination Happily!
ExpressEarth's USP is in its wide offerings of authentic travel articles/reviews/blogs posted by genuine travellers, who in contrast, paint a clearer picture of what is in offer as compared to commercially driven hoteliers/property.

All this while, it also creates and offers itself as a massive library of resource for travel, where consumers can find almost anything they are looking for.

In B2C medium, we are providing hotels/flights/packages booking for any destination not just in form of traditional packaged to be chosen from but in a customized manner at the will of each individual visitor to the portal. With this option to Customize Travel Package we plan to hit the market with the unique idea of not providing what we sell but providing what the customer needs are thereby establishing self in a unique way.